Detect Duplicate Files


Delete every duplicate file on your computer


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Detect Duplicate Files is an application that analyzes your hard drive and detects all duplicate files in order to delete them and free up some space on your memory.

No matter what type of files they are, this software can find duplicate images, music, videos, documents, data, and EXE files.

The application performs a comprehensive system analysis and examines files and folders to list what's duplicated and taking up useful space, and then securely deletes them, making sure you don't lose any important documents.

Detect Duplicate Files does a comprehensive and quick scan, showing you all the files that you can delete in just a click. The application creates two folders by default, where it saves duplicate files, but you can always change the settings so they're saved on a different folder on your computer.

Now you can recover a lot of useful space on your hard drive and optimize your file collection.
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